Why Does Employer Intervention For Drug Addiction Treatment In Rhode Island Work?

July 24, 2008

Among the various intervention programs that are bringing people to addiction treatment in Rhode Island, the employer intervention is definitely working quite well. The employer assistance program in Rhode Island, better known as the EAP, makes sure that employees have suitable conditions of health and mental constitution that allow them to keep working. Being free from addiction is included in this list. So, in a way, the employers are obliged to ensure that the employees work in an addiction-free environment.

However, participating in an intervention program is good for the employers too. By doing so, they are ensuring that their employees continue working for them to the best of their capacity. Under the influence of various drugs and alcohol, it is evident that they might lose out on their work hours and perform poorly at their tasks or even remain absent from work, but when employers participate in addiction treatment for their employees they can lessen these situations. Employers do think this is a good idea too because they are saved from having to fire these employees and recruit and train new ones, which could be a strain on their resources and also show poorly on their turnout rates.

It is easy for employers to participate in an intervention program in Rhode Island. All they have to do is motivate the patient to get into treatment into any addiction treatment center in Rhode Island. They can do this by speaking out previously rehearsed stuff to the patient and also by giving them incentives if they are able to get through the treatment and into a completely addiction-free life.


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