The Two Main Benefits of Detox Treatment for Drug Addiction in Connecticut

July 18, 2008

There are several reasons why the detox treatment in Connecticut is accorded with so much significance. For all cases of drug addiction that is above the mild abuse limit, the detox treatment is considered to be a compulsory mode of treatment. The normal detoxification program in Connecticut lasts for anywhere between three days to three weeks, depending on the kind of the addiction the person is in. However, the medications and the programs that will be followed before and after the detox treatment will differ from one treatment center to another.

The basic purpose of detoxification remains the same, though. The treatment is provided with an intention of cleansing the person’s body from the toxic wastes that might have been accumulated in it during the period of the addiction. This is done by making the person first abstain from the substance and then treat the withdrawal symptoms when they set in. Depending on the nature and the extent of the person’s addiction, this could take a different length of time for each patient.

The first objective of the detox treatment is definitely to cleanse the person’s body from the addiction completely. This is vitally important because even if the person has been treated from the addiction in any other way, the substances that are still residual in the person’s body might cause health problems even several years later. The second objective is to take out all the temptation that the person might have for the substance. Till the time the substance remains in the person’s body, this will be difficult to achieve. Hence, experts of substance abuse treatment in Connecticut suggest that the body should be completely cleansed of the addictive ingredient so that it can be taken speedily towards recovery.


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