Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Programs and Centers

The addiction treatment program in Rhode Island depends a lot on mental counseling and therapy. In fact, if you check out the state website, you will see that Substance Abuse and Mental Health are clubbed together. This is quite justified because substance abuse is a mental problem. A person most likely takes up a drug for the first time because of some inner mental complication. The drug itself acts on the mind and creates a mental high in the person. This is the reason the person wants more and more of the drug. As the person’s mind starts becoming immune for the drug, the person either begins taking more of the drug, or changes over to a stronger form of addiction. This pattern of substance abuse is very clearly seen in Rhode Island. What this makes quite clear though is that substance abuse is definitely a mental illness.

That is the reason there such a lot of emphasis on the counseling part of the addiction treatment in Rhode Island. Even after the person is out of the detox treatment in Rhode Island, he or she is strongly advised to undergo a counseling program. This aftercare program is quite important because this is a treatment for the mind, the root cause and continuer of the addiction.

The dual diagnosis treatment program in Rhode Island is a special treatment program where people who actually have psychiatric problems are treated for addiction. These programs begin with a detox and are then continued by psychiatric counseling from experts.

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