Options for Holistic Treatment Program for Drug Abuse in Hawaii

June 30, 2008

If you are looking for some interesting options for holistic drug rehab, then Hawaii is the place you can consider. It is true that addiction treatment in Hawaii is extremely expensive, more so because the state is largely a vacation destination, so the tourism prices rub off on the addiction treatment too. However, you will definitely find rehab treatment in Hawaii to be much suited to your special needs. In all these holistic centers, you can expect to be put up with a lot of luxury and comfort, and you can certainly expect one-on-one nursing attention and personal medical care.

There are various options for holistic drug treatment in Hawaii. You can find programs that are mostly herbal in nature, such as the herbal drug detoxification programs. These programs are carried out in residential settings, so after herbal drug detox in Hawaii is over, you can expect to be put up in a therapeutic care treatment in the same treatment center. You will learn new techniques and methods that can equip you to keep away from the addiction. Herbal treatment is almost always accompanied by Yoga training, which you will find in most holistic centers for drug rehab in Hawaii.

Massage therapies are also widely used. Different types of massages are employed, depending on the extent of the person’s addiction. One more option is acupuncture, which is today widely being used in alternative substance abuse treatment in Hawaii. Though these options are not sanctioned by the state, they do have a lot of people participating in their programs making them quite popular and stiff competitors for the state addiction treatment program.


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