How does a Senior Treatment Program for Alcohol Abuse in Kansas work?

July 6, 2008

There are various treatment programs for alcohol abuse in Kansas that are customized according to the person’s age. It is easy to find a treatment program here that caters exclusively to alcohol addiction treatment in seniors. Senior alcohol addiction treatment in Kansas is different from the general treatment pattern in several ways. It has to be this way, because this treatment is specially engineered for people who are above 65 years of age.

One of the main aspects that the alcohol abuse treatment in Kansas designed for seniors has to face is that of supplementary conditions. There can be several health and mental complications that may coexist with the addiction problem in seniors. This makes the treatment more difficult for them. They have to be taken into dual diagnosis to treat the coexisting problems simultaneously.

In addition, there could be some other addiction problems that could make the treatment difficult. In the case of senior alcohol addiction in Kansas, the most common secondary addiction is that of prescription drugs. A lot of seniors are using other prescription drugs habitually, mostly OxyContin. It becomes difficult to get these dual addictions out.

Counseling also becomes important because seniors usually carry a lot of emotional problems that could make their complete recovery quite challenging. Special psychiatric counselors are employed in most centers of alcohol rehab in Kansas in order to bring them effectively out of their addiction. They need to be educated on how the addiction can wreak havoc in their lives and what they can do in order to keep away the temptation of going deeper into the addiction.


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